Mobile Payment




Hybrid Card Terminal with Magnetic & IC Card & Touch PAD 


Checurity Series is equipped with a IC/MSR and hardware Touch PAD with all the convenient

features of the Checurity Series has achieved the convenience of customers. 

Reliability, usability, and durability with innovative design Checurity series we will give you the 

experience of a new card payment 



• Smart IC card Support(ISO 7816 & EMV Level 1&2)

• Compact size & Adopt a low-power CPU

• RS232C or USB support

• Data Encryption Support(AES selectable)

• Electronic signatures and Pin PAD input function

• Samsung-Pay support



 POS System

 CAT (Card author ization Terminal) Unit

 Banking system

 ID Verification

 Time and attendance terminals​​​​​


 Standard Specification

 ISO 7816, EMV Level-1 & 2 Compliant

 Card Dimension

 ID-1 Card( ISO 7810)

 Head life cycle

 500,000 cycle

 IC Contact life cycle

 100,000 cycle

 Magnetic Read speed

 20 ~ 100 cm / sec


 DC 5V±5%, 100mA±10%

 Operating Temperature

 -5℃ ~ 50

 Storage Temperature

 -40℃ ~ 70​, 10% ~ 95%H​R


 64.0mm(W) x 31.1mm(L) x 21.00(H)


 4.3 TFT Color LCD



Mobile Payment 목록
  • Checurity
  • Beyond all card readers
    Hybrid Card Terminal with Magnetic & IC Card & Touch PAD
  • MSM-2000
  • Mobile Audio Jack MS / IC Smart Card Reader
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