Technical Power
  • Automatic Card Feeding & Dispenser
  • Automatic PET, MS, IC Card Issuing System and Reader/Writer development technology.
  • High-speed Accurate Motor Driving Technology
  • DC-Motor, Geared Motor, Stopping Motor close control technology
  • Card Reader/Writer and Ticket issuing machine development technology
  • Card Reader / Writer Technology
  • Manual Swipe Card Reader, Motor Driven Reader/Writer, USB Terminal Technology
  • Leuco dye Thermal Rewrite Printing Technology
  • Terminal development technology that enable a terminal to Read/Write data into PET, MS, IC Card, print onth back of card and report results
  • Mechartronic Technology
  • Technology that Integrates Electrical Control. Sensor, Motor Control and Mechanism.
  • ASIC Designing Technology
  • Technology that used in development of encoder/decoder chip used in card reader/writer.
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